Privatus Club Consultancy Services

PROFESSIONAL ADVISORY – with almost 20 years working in the industry and given the number of different golf clubs Privatus work with, whether it be overall project management or overseeing a specific change within a golf club department, Privatus have access to the worlds elite services, from various marketing platforms, course designers, agronomists, architects and operating systems.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – proactive in not just introducing our immediate membership clientele to the golf clubs we work with but the significant B2C revenue received from direct client introductions and subsequent long term structured interaction with members from other renowned private golf & city clubs, our lifestyle partners plus multi-national corporations.

EVENT MANAGEMENT – whether internal or external, national or worldwide, Privatus ensure specific detailed deliverance to golf clubs requiring staging events for either the golf clubs, management themselves, or the members. Examples of such include clubs like Sotogrande, Monte Rei, Royal Mid-Surrey and the Wisley, to name but a few.

COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT – working with many Tour Professionals, whether past legends, current icons or future superstars and aligned them with various brands to help promote and expose them to the target audience they desire; Privatus support numerous golfing professionals with their commercial portfolio’s and travel requirements, whilst assisting global brands with the specific market identity they require within the golfing world.

RECRUITMENT – from the close relationships Privatus has with the worlds top clubs and their management teams, we’re kept informed of and have requests for various employment opportunities, from CEO’s, GM’s & Secretaries to Head/Assistant Golf Professionals, Greenkeepers and even F&B, given the recent post pandemic demands in this department.  Privatus operate on a minimal administrative 5% charge on any job placements, with our priority on long term placements, given the nature of the Privatus business model and our USP being we have first hand experience of working with each candidate being placed, they are simply NOT just a CV or LinkedIn profile we’re recommending to you.

GOLF COACHING – having been around the best golf coaches in the world, worked with many of them and seen first hand the incredible transformations they provide our clients with the ‘Tour Coaching Experience’ programs Privatus run, we provide a thoroughly strategic and personal plan for must achieve improvements and GUARANTEED results.

WHITE LABEL – Privatus can replicate on your behalf, it’s same global golf/lifestyle services to your members and help provide an international ‘home from home’ type membership.  This is highlighted to your members as an exclusive privilege courtesy of their ‘home’ club membership with you.

Example:  Al Mouj GC in Oman ‘White Labelled’ and purchased Privatus memberships on behalf of their Corporate clients whilst also introducing certain Individual Members renowned for their travel activities, to Privatus Club. Along with all the international playing and lifestyle services Privatus provides, Al Mouj wanted to ensure their members felt constantly engaged with their ‘home’ club whilst away on business or pleasure.

INTERNATIONAL PRO-AM & CONFERENCE – an annual invitation only gathering of our members, golf clubs and other business heads of industry, to both socially and business network.