Privatus Club Consultancy

Privatus Club Consultancy has always been a feature of the Privatus Group services and was organically developed alongside the company’s main USP,  it’s exclusive 100 invitation only private Membership.

Providing both worldwide luxury golf and lifestyle services to our select clientele and working with the best golf clubs on the planet, naturally cross business opportunities formed, with not just our members, the golf clubs and the PGA/DP World Tour players but multi-national corporations across a number of varying industry sectors.

Privatus Membership will always be the driving force of the company but as a business group, our professional knowledge and network of expertise will continue to act as a consultancy, supporting our global partners both directly inside the game of golf and to our ever increasing external audiences.

‘Privatus isn’t just Golf, it’s Beyond Golf’


“You only have to look at the unique benefits Privatus provides to not just it’s members but the golf clubs and lifestyle partners it works with, to realise that this is a very rare and special club.”